Finding Divorce Help in Singapore

Getting a divorce is a life changing event that can turn stressful and complicated pretty fast. If you or anyone that you know is thinking about getting divorce help for Singaporeans, then read on. Before moving any further, you might want to consider speaking to an expert counselor for clarity on the impact that getting the divorce might have on your family and business. More often than not, divorce is not under desirable terms and there is children custody and maintenance as well as division of assets to worry about. From matters emotional to ensuring that you get it done right legally, we all need help dealing with it. On top of legal stuff you have to worry about your emotional and economic well-being as well as the best case scenario for the kids.

Importance of Emotional Help When going through a Divorce

Emotional preparedness is the part that most divorcees swear shouldn’t have neglected. It is possible to jump into the decision to get a divorce prematurely without considering the impact it will have on both parties. First of all, rarely is a divorce an amicable solution to emotional needs. Finding divorce help for Singaporeans offers emotional preparedness through counselling sessions. Seeking alternative conflict resolutions will give you peace of mind before during and after the legal process.

The Mandatory Parenting Program

There is a mandatory parenting program meant to bring kids in on decisions adults are about to make and how this might affect them. By design, the program will compel adults willing to get a divorce to do the best in their power to make sure that the kids are comfortable. It is meant for kids below the age of 14 as they stand to suffer the most trauma due to a divorce.

If your marriage has not been working for too long and neither party is willing to save it, then it is high you sort out a different kind of divorce help. A divorce lawyer singapore will offer any and all forms of legal and render as much divorce related advise that they are able to, based on their vast experience. There are a ton of paperwork to file and it will be easier on your schedule to delegate that duty to someone who already understands how the legal system in Singapore works. Singapore Legal & Immigration Consultancy offers an avenue to find for many different types of lawyers, from divorce to criminal law.

Free divorce help

There are organizations like AWARE that offer support to all residents without giving any regard to their citizenship status. These go a long way to ensure that you have the smoothest transition by opening their free legal clinic and counselling to the public. These are mainly activist groups championing women and children rights that can make known to you your rights when undergoing divorce and what it entails.

Getting the best kind of divorce help Singapore has to offer is crucial to getting through a divorce unscathed. Through networking and getting to know about your rights and the people that could help you, you get to be a step ahead and ready for what is to come.

Preparing to Testify in Court

Preparing to Testify in Court

There are very few places that are as intimidating as a courtroom especially if you don’t regularly appear in court.  If this is your first time in court you may have no idea what to expect.  You need to be on your absolute best behavior while you are in court, whether you are part of a trial or acting as a witness you still need to conduct yourself accordingly.  Preparing to testify in court ahead of time will make your appearance far less frightening.  Here are some steps that will help you.

Go to Court Ahead of Time

Courts are open to the public and most of the time you can watch a case while it is going on.  Go to court ahead of time and watch some proceedings, you can learn the layout of the courthouse.  Check with the staff to see if there are proceedings that you can sit in on so that you familiarize yourself with the proceedings.  If you can’t get to court here is a closer look at what happens in court.

Get There Early

On the day you are expected to appear get there early.  Depending on why you are there, there is a good chance that one of the attorneys will wish to speak with you ahead of the proceedings.  However bring a book and be prepared to wait, while you are expected to be early the judge isn’t.  Sometimes you can be waiting awhile before your case actually gets underway.

Dress Appropriately

You dress for court the same way you would dress for a job interview.  Appearances do count here, dressing appropriately conveys to the court that you respect the proceedings and take them seriously.  Whether you are testifying or appearing as a defendant your appearance adds to your credibility.

Dress Appropriately

You dress for court the same way you would dress for a job interview.  Appearances do count here, dressing appropriately conveys to the court that you respect the proceedings and take them seriously.  Whether you are testifying or appearing as a defendant your appearance adds to your credibility.

Speak Respectfully and Appropriately

Just as you dress appropriately you also need to speak appropriately not only to the judge but all of the attorneys involved as well.  Going to court is never fun and it can be highly emotional but you absolutely need to keep your cool.  Don’t become emotional or lose your temper, pause and take a deep breath if you need to.  Judges know that this isn’t easy for you but their patience isn’t endless.  You will have water available to you and you only need to speak to one person at a time.  Never interrupt someone else speaking wait for them to stop speaking first.

Three Situations Where You Absolutely Need an Attorney

Three Situations Where You Absolutely Need an Attorney

Even for the most law abiding among us there will still be times in your life where you’re going to need an attorney.  There are minor issues that you can easily handle on your own such as traffic violations.  However there are other instances where an attorney is not only in your best interest it is absolutely necessary.  It would be foolish to try and represent yourself, you need someone who has an understanding of the applicable laws and who can make sure your rights and interests are protected.  Here are three situations where you absolutely need an attorney.

Business Transactions

Business transactions are filled with fine print, clauses and whatnot all of which requiring an attorney to explain to you.  You could be planning to start or sell a business, expand overseas or simply buy some property for your business.  Transactions can be both lengthy and complex and there is tons of paperwork to deal with.  An attorney can help walk you through the transaction and make sure you understand any contracts you need to sign.

Buying a Home

It is the American dream to buy and own a home.  At some point in your life you will want to own your own home, it’s a milestone and a time to celebrate.  Buying a home, while a common enough transaction still requires an attorney to take care of the paperwork involved.  A real estate attorney will make sure the title is free and clear with no liens or disputes surrounding the property.


Marriage can be an extraordinarily wonderful experience, however divorce can be the exact opposite.  Divorce is not only emotionally draining but it can be very expensive and the outcome can affect you for the rest of your life.  It can leave you traumatized and with emotional scars and an attorney is crucial, they are clear headed when emotions are running high.

The primary reason you need an attorney is to protect the interests of you and your children when it comes to custody.  It’s your attorney’s job to not only see that your rights as a parent are protected but to advocate on your behalf.  The second reason that you need an attorney is money, even if you have very little of it right now.  Couples often acquire not only property together but debt as well.  Money is one of the leading causes of divorce with many couples fighting about money throughout their marriage.  An attorney can help make sure that you get your fair share and that you are obligated to pay only your share or any marital assets and debts.

When the time comes that you need an attorney then you need to find one that practices the type of law that pertains to your situation.  You don’t need a real estate lawyer handling your divorce that is a recipe for disaster.  Finding the right attorney can take a bad situation and make it that much better.